The ultimative
photo puzzle
app game

Guess other players or your friends GuessMyPhoto puzzles.
Or you can create your own photo puzzles with GuessMyPhoto app.
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Easy gameplay
Select guess or
create puzzle

In GuessMyPhoto you do not wait for your opponent. One moment you
may want to create puzzles and the next, you want to solve puzzles.
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Solve puzzles
from friends
or all other

The list of puzzles are divided into either language or friends, and you
can sort the list by difficulty or other players star ratings of the puzzles.
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Guess the
photo puzzles
within 30 secs

Photos are divided into 3 stages. The first 20 secs it is divided into
first 6 and then 4 pieces. The last 10 secs the photo appears normal.
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Be creative
create your
own puzzles

Anyone can create their own photo puzzles very easy.
Simply take a photo or upload a photo, then give it a puzzle name.
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all your friends
in a closed game

Once you have solved a puzzle, you can start a challenge with
all your friends. Each challenge has its own closed scoreboard.
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Be the king in
your countrys
highscore list

Get on the Top 100 players or Top 100 puzzles list in your country.
The highscore are divided into language and players or puzzles.
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Play anywhere
from any new
modern device

All puzzles are available in the cloud. Create a puzzle in one platform,
solve puzzles in another platform. Available within the end of year 2013.
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Difficulty by Anton


Anton the cute owl - helps you to select the difficulty level of the photo puzzle you want to play. The more owls a photo puzzle has, the harder the puzzle difficulty.

Star power rating


In GuessMyPhoto you can create your own photo puzzles for your friends or share it with all other players. All players gives your photo puzzle a star rating.

Highscore listing


You are given 30 seconds to solve other photo puzzles. The faster you solve a puzzle the higher points you get. So fight your way for a spot on your national highscore.